If you're lucky over the course of your career, you launch a few rockets. Here are a couple of mine. Each of the commercials we created for Anheuser-Busch made it onto two separate top-five lists in the Top 50 Super Bowl spots of all time by Advertising Age and USA Today One made on the AdAge list and the other USA Today.
AD: Doug Gould   CW: Eivind Ueland

Filmed over three days from Vermont to New York we actually closed the Brooklyn Bridge for this shoot. The quote below only begins to tell the story.

Above is a creative story about threading an emotional needle. This commercial ran just one time but lives on years later. A quote from AdAge: "3. Budweiser, "Respect." Simple but spectacular: The Budweiser Clydesdales pay eloquent tribute to a country shattered by Sept. 11. The marketer and the creator of the spot, Hill, Holliday, Connors Cosmopulos took some heat for "commercializing" tragedy. But consumers loved the spot -- and so do we."

Filmed in Telluride Colorado at 12,000 feet I believe without special effects and with a real zebra with Director Zack Snyder.

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