During the 2020/21 calendar year, BU's campus like the rest of the planet dealt with the unknowns and changing behaviors the pandemic engendered. In this student-driven campaign, I served as the faculty advisor/creative director mentoring the team through the chaos and shifting sands of COVID-19. 

I've never been more proud to be a part of a project that did good things for the world while also being creatively engaging. 

The team of students who created and implemented this work is listed at the bottom of the page.

Read more about the campaign by clicking the image above, or see some of the Instagram work by clicking below.
The amazing team I worked with on this year-long effort:

Strategy: Hannah Schweitzer, Niharika Verma, Shubhangi Verma
Creative: Mac Wylie, Megan Kim, Megan Coats, Chris Young, Lindsey Rosenblatt, Tim North, Ruby Yang, Shannon Neff, Akhila Penumaka, Dahlia Mahleh

PR: Hailey McKee, Michael Zhang, Evan Brown, Gwyneth Burns, Emmanuel Reid

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