2023 was climate-frightening — and records fell all over the planet.
Beyond my home-based changes, (solar panels, driving an EV, reduction of single-use plastics) I'm shouting into the void and creating informative, short, social videos designed to inform and engage with climate facts.
These calls to action are my way of doing and saying what I can. The work drives to a site from the University of Reading where Ed Hawkins has created visual storytelling showing the world's heating. A place where you can #ShowYourStripes

Feel free to visit my Vimeo page and share/download/educate. https://vimeo.com/showcase/10512394
Doug Gould: CD/AD/CW/Editor

Credits for data visualization: Graphics and lead scientist: Ed Hawkins, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, UoR. Data: Berkeley Earth, NOAA, UK Met Office, MeteoSwiss, DWD, SMHI, UoR & ZAMG
Below is a glimpse of Global Sea Surface Temps as of 2/27/24. When the ice melts, the sea will rise. When the ocean heats, coral will die, and the ocean-born food web will suffer along with it. It's already happening

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