Scroll down to get the skinny. The fat is on the other pages.

Scroll down to get the skinny. The fat is on the other pages.

I've made things for a long time. 
In fact, I still make things. 
Mostly what I make are words, pictures, 
or a combination of words and pictures.
You know — advertising.

But not JUST advertising.
In whatever media technology demands.

Corporate ID? Check.
Video? Check.
Big brand campaigns? Check. Check.
Social? Check.
Awards? All kinds.
Digital? Please. What isn't digital?
You get the idea.

I also shoot pictures. ​​​​​​​
Not bad, huh?
There are lots of pictures on the other pages.
You know, because
as I said, I'm big into words and pictures.

But that's not all I'm into.
I'm into people, too.
In fact, I made two people.
One boy and one girl.

Well... I had help.

And because of the people thing — 
you know, taking an interest in them and actually making two —
I also learned I like to help people.
So now, at BU's College of Communication 
I teach young people how to make a life 
from what I have made a life.
words and pictures.
That's the skinny.
Enough about me. 
Who are you?
And what can I do for you?​​​​​​​
Do you need me to make something?
I can do pretty much anything.

I just can't make any more people.
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